Tobacco strips from stock

Strips tobacco from stock

strips tobacco with the thick stem removed

India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Iran, Azerbaijan
India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Iran, Azerbaijan

Type: Virginia, Burley, Oriental,

Packaging: 25kg bales

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What is tobacco strips?


Tobacco strips or stemmed tobacco is a tobacco leaf with the thick stem removed.


The midrib is not suitable for production, it just does not fit into a cigarette, also has no use + a lot of waste. After stemming, the tobacco leaf is processed into strips.


The processing of the American blends involves the following technological sequence of manufacturing tobacco strips:


  • Curing.
  • Stemming the leaves in industrial environment.
  • Threshing.
  • Packing in special barrels for natural fermentation.


The fermentation process takes long and lasts at least a year.

Strips tobacco fraction



Due to the aforementioned technology, tobacco strips acquire the following advantages:


  • after cutting, the fiber is considered ready for use and packaging.
  • tobacco mixes well, which positively affects the finished product;
  • easily pressed; takes up little space in storage.

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Strips tobacco for cigarette products