Tobacco leaf from stock

tobacco leaf from stock
India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Iran, Azerbaijan
India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Iran, Azerbaijan

Type: Virginia, Burley, Oriental,

Packaging: 25kg bales

Types of tobacco leaf



Tobacco leaf is the main component of cigarette production. Manufacturing of cigarettes is a lengthy process which includes several phases. The price of a tobacco blend depends on many indicators. Despite the wide variety of tastes, aromas, etc there are generally three main types of tobacco leaf:


  • Virginia.
  • Oriental
  • Burley


Those vary in the content of sugar, nicotine, and tars.

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Virginia tobacco leaf



This is a basic tobacco type, present in almost all tobacco blends. Its main characteristics are:


  • High sugar content up to 20%.
  • Low proportion of nicotine up to 1-3%.
  • Pleasant aroma with a hint of caramel.


Due to the high sugar content, leaves remain elastic and suitable for fine cutting after drying.

Grown in southern countries. Fire-cured in barns, heat-cured.

Virginia tobacco leaf

Oriental tobacco leaf



It is considered to be Turkish tobacco, mainly grown in the Mediterranean countries.  Distinguishing qualities:


  • Lower sugar content compared to Virginia.
  • A peculiar rich bright taste, that however might get intrusive and annoying. Designed for amateurs
  • Absorbs aromatic additives well and does not kill them, bringing out the flavor instead.
  • The smell captures the aroma of dry grass with an admixture of dust, faintly associated with incense.


Oriental tobacco leaves are sun-cured.

Oriental tobacco leaf


Burley tobacco leaf

Outwardly resembles Virginia, but differs in the content of components:


  • Contains no sugar.
  • Nutty flavor.
  • High nicotine content 1-4.5%.


A distinctive feature of Burley - it can combine several aromas together, to be a binding flavor.

Burley tobacco leaf

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