Tobacco blends

Tobacco blends

Iranian blend– 5,0 $/kg

Packaging: 100 kg box


American blend  (RT 01) – 12,0 $/kg

Packaging: 100 kg box


American blend  (RT 02) – 9,5 $/kg

Packaging: 100 kg box


American blend  (RT 03) – 11,0 $/kg

Packaging: 100 kg box


American blend  (RT 04) – 13,0 $/kg

Packaging: 100 kg box

In order to make it easier for the consumer to navigate in the varieties of tobacco, it is customary to combine the compositions according to flavor, smell, strength, and burning characteristics into tobacco blends.

The main types of tobacco blends 


The most popular and best-selling tobacco blends are distinguished as follows:

  • American blend

Light, sweetish taste, often flavorsome. The basic composition of this tobacco blend is Burley tobacco type. Its distinctive feature is well pronounced in this blend - it effectively retains aromas. Caramel flavor with a hint of nuts that are utterly distinctive in Burley.


Brazilian blend

Composed of Virginia and Burley. Is not considered a strong blend. Even, slow burn. Spicy aroma, which was formed historically during fermentation in the cargo holds of ships, adjacent to barrels of rum. Modern fermentation is carried out industrially after the bend is cured and mixed. 


Turkish blend

Medium strong tobacco. Each component is prepared separately. Virginia based. Natural spices and alcoholic beverages are used as flavorings. A cool smoke, the mixture is not considered moist.    


Iranian blend

Virginia and Burley based. Distinct natural aroma, revealing some floral, spicy notes. Slow burn, rather convenient for a smoker.


Azerbaijan blend

These are strong blends, made of cigar varieties of tobacco. These are little used mixtures in Russia; they taste and smell like cigars.

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