Self-adhesive tear tape

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Tobacco production is an industry in which quality consumables play a particularly important role. Their application can improve the quality of the final product, as well as speed up the production process. STATUS specializes in the sale of consumables, necessary for the tobacco industry.You can order these goods in bulk, at low prices and on attractive terms of cooperation. You can get advice by phone - our managers will gladly provide characteristics of the goods, inform you on the features of their application and the conditions of our cooperation.


One of the most popular consumables for cigarette production is a self-adhesive tear tape. It is used in the tobacco industry as a wrapping material. Its application can significantly accelerate the production process, while increasing productivity.


An inexpensive way to order tear tape


On our site you can order bulks of this sort of tape. We also have shrink film, aluminium foil, paper, cardboard, necessary for packaging tobacco products.


Self-adhesive tear tape is used to wrap cigarette packs. It facilitates easy opening of packaging materials, and also performs additional protective functions: prevents mechanical damage, deformation of the packs, retains their presentation.  Structurally, the tape is a narrow strip, which is located along the line of opening of the cigarette pack. It makes it easy to tear the film in which the tobacco products are wrapped. Visually, the tape is almost invisible, it is narrow and transparent, therefore it does not affect the presentation of the tobacco pack. Thus, it allows you to retain product characteristics, but does not impair its visual properties. 


You can order tear tape on our website. We work with wholesale customers as well as individual orders. Such a tape will certainly improve the quality of products.


Additionally, the tape can be used as a marketing element that increases customer loyalty to your tobacco products. This material can also contain: brand name or company logo, hologram or short text.


Where is tear tape used?


This wrapping material is used not only for the design of tobacco products, but also in many other industries. It allows the manufacturer to protect the goods from mechanical damage and deformation while facilitating easy opening of the pack. This material is used to wrap tea boxes, confectionery, chewing gum or CDs.