Filter rods

Mono-acetate filter rods of diameter 7,75 mm

Length: 108 mm

PD 290

PD 350

PD 360


Length: 120 mm

PD 290

PD 350

PD 360


Combined filter rods with charcoal of diameter 7,75 mm

Length: 108 мм

PD 360


Mono-acetate filter rods of diameter 5,35 mm (Super Slims)

Length: 120 мм

PD 400

Filter rods for cigarette manufacturers

Despite the fact that cigarette filters were patented back in the 20s of the past century, their advantages were well appreciated; 40 years later it would be used extensively. Filter cigarettes are currently leading in the number of tobacco products. STATUS LLC offers filter rods from the best foreign manufacturers.

It is hard to overestimate the value of filter in a cigarette. It serves as a barrier to tar and nicotine, and prevents combustion products of burnt paper and tobacco from entering the human`s system. Filter rod helps adjust the taste characteristics, can affect the strength, harshness, lightness of the process. 

Manufacturers of both light and strong cigarettes, generally prefer using mono-acetate filter rods. Double filters which are considered rather popular are manufactured as follows:


  • mono-acetate + acetate with charcoal are known as COMBO
Filter rods for cigarette manufacturers

Types of filter rods 


Each option is popular among different smokers. Activated carbon is often used as an additive. It is so widely popular due to its ability to absorb carcinogens and tars. As a result, smoking becomes less unhealthy and more smooth for smokers. 


According to customer requirements, the following filters can be made on machines for manufacturing cigarette filter rods:



  • Triple. Triple filters allow the alternated use of one or more filtering additives or the addition of flavors. Additives can be added in different quantities according to the customer’s indications.
  • Recessed. Filters with a cavity that have the advantages of double filters.
  • SLIM and ULTRASLIM filters. Acetate filters with porous and non-porous plug wrap, with reduced diameter for the production of slim and ultraslim cigarettes.
  • Cigarette crush balls. Filter contains an aromatic spherical capsule. Such small capsules, through a light fingers pressure, break down and fill the acetate fibers with their flavor, so aromatizing the taste of the cigarette.

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