Tipping paper

Cigarette tipping paper

Density: 34 g/m2
Width: 64 мм; 50 m

Bobbin Length: 3000 m

Bobbin weigh: 50 mm- 5,1 кг; 64 mm - 6,5 kg


Cigarette tipping paper

Tipping paper for cigarettes from STATUS LLC is a high-quality material for your production on any scale. Our company offers the production of tipping paper with the application of your logo and brand!

The paper is in direct contact with the lips of the smoker, therefore should meet high safety requirements. Can not contain toxic substances. Should be safe, moisture resistant, and sterile clean. It is preferred to use tipping paper from natural materials such as flax and cellulose.

 Performance characteristics

Performance characteristics include tear and break resistance, fine exterior.


  • Light cigarettes require perforated paper to reduce nicotine and tar levels.
  • In order to prevent the tobacco product from sticking to the lips, the paper first undergoes special processing known as lip release.
  • Hotfoil stamping as a modern processing method.
  • The white rim is considered an indicator of quality, often used as a design solution.
Tipping paper for cigarette

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