Tobacco BOPP film




120мм; 20 мк; TSHL

120мм; 20 мк; TSHD

350мм; 25мк; TSHW

STATUS offers to buy BOPP film at competitive prices. It is actively used in the manufacture of tobacco products.


BOPP film is a material used in high speed machinery for overwrapping the cigarette production. It improves the quality of tobacco products. Moreover, the use of this material makes it possible to build a clear interaction pattern of all production mechanisms.Tobacco films have a very wide scope of application, they are used not only for cigarette production, but also for an array of other purposes. To choose the right material, it is necessary to carefully study its characteristics and properties.


What`s the best place to order BOPP tobacco film?


Our company specializes in the sale of supplies for tobacco production, including BOPP films.We cooperate with many manufacturers of such products, whose factories are located throughout Russia and around the world. You can thus order quality goods with a guarantee from us, as well as make a purchase at a bargain price. 


Our managers will gladly advise you on the selected types of film, its characteristics and properties. They will provide exhaustive information an explain how to place an order, how to pay for the goods.You can seek advice by telephone or via e-mail.


The use of BOPP films in the manufacture of tobacco products can eventually improve product quality. If used properly, the BOPP film helps maintain the quality indicators of the raw materials and goods. A BOPP film is a material that has specific properties that make it indispensable in the process of making cigarettes. The composition of such a consumable may include special additives.


Advantages of BOPP film


The main positive properties of such a material can be summed up as follows:


  • ·   The material is uniform over the entire area, its thickness is uniform and strictly corresponds to the properties declared by the manufacturer;
  • ·   High transparency, aesthetic look, and excellent optical characteristics;
  • ·   Quite rigid and very durable material, resistant to mechanic damage, moisture, deformation;
  • ·   Resistant to abrasion, good puncture, scratch, and flex crack resistance, due to which cigarette packs retain an excellent look;
  • ·   This material has a high shrinkage, which allows it to be used for overwrapping cigarette packs that look attractive from a marketing perspective.


Use of BOPP film in cigarette manufacturing


Naturally, the main field of application of such material is the production of tobacco products, or rather, overwrapping of cigarette packs made of hard cardboard. They are wrapped in BOPP film using high-speed horizontal flow wrapping machines. It is also applied in other areas:


  • ·   overwrapping of packs that need to be tightly wrapped with a packaging film - the result is spectacular due to the high thermal shrinkage of the material;
  • ·  
  • ·   This sort of film is used for wrapping cigarette cartons, as well as various cardboard packs;
  • The material is mainly used for machines with a heat tunnel;
  • ·   This film is suitable for wrapping almost any packs of medium or small sizes;
  • ·   The film can also be used in wrapping machines, that are not designed with a heat tunnel, and the shrinkage process itself occurs as a result of heating the material from the welding joint.


Characteristics of BOPP film:


  • ·   Contains anti-static components.
  • ·   Coefficient of friction is asymmetrical, consistently low.
  • ·   The level of thermal shrinkage is medium.
  • ·   Good physical, mechanical, optical characteristics, high rigidity.
  • ·   Safe for food contact
  • ·   .No additional coatings