Imitation chromo board

    Cigarette packs from stock
    Red, Blue, Black

    Duplex cardboard paper for the inner frame of the cigarette pack  


    Width: 90 mm, 94mm, 95mm,  96 mm

    Paper weight: 215 g/m2 - 230 g/m2

    Bobbin length: 700m

    Bobbin weight: 15 kg

    Red, Blue, Black

    Cigarette packs from stock


    Packaging is an important part of the final contact of the consumer with the product, and also performs the following functions:


    • Cigarette pack prevents the crumpling and deformation of cigarettes. Cigarette pack guarantees that the consumer gets an intact, usable product.
    • Preserves the presentation of products. Cigarettes look stylish and modern. Cigarette pack looks eye-catchy and makes you want to pick one.
    • The pack fits comfortably in your hand or pocket.
    • Cigarette packs contain important information: brand, characteristics, manufacturer, warning messages concerning certain health effects of tobacco products.
    • Package design. The manufacturer is advised to buy cigarette packaging for promotional purposes. The product becomes recognizable, easily found among other similar packages. Vivid design attracts extra attention.

    Automation of imitation chromo board packaging assembly


    To automate the process, the following machinery is used for imitation chromo board packaging:


    • cigarette making machine; (Mark 8, Mark 9)
    • cigarette packing machine (HLP 200-250)
    • tax stamping machine; (Stamper)

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    imitation chromo board