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STATUS is a reliable and trusted partner for the clients who need consumables and all sorts of goods for tobacco production. We offer raw materials, materials for packaging and for manufacturing cigarettes. We provide exhaustive information about each order, our managers are always ready to give you advice concerning any product. There is also the possibility of a bulk order.


One of the main elements of cigarette packaging is foil.  At our website you can order aluminium cigarette foil at affordable prices and in bulk starting from one pallet.

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We offer a wide selection of foil made of aluminum with a laminated coating. All materials have international certification: ISO-9002, ISO-9001.


We cooperate with global leaders in the production of materials for the tobacco industry, therefore, we guarantee high quality of all goods in our product range, offering our customers affordable prices. In order to get high-quality foil, we make sure each and every production part is carefully taken into account in the manufacturing process.


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STATUS LLC is a partner who will solve the issue of supplying materials for the production of tobacco products, as well as take into account the individual preferences and needs of each particular client. We guarantee strict adherence to delivery dates, high quality raw materials and consumables, we also introduce advanced and innovative technologies in the production process.


Benefits of our cigarette foil:


  •  rich color palette – you can easily find the preferred color and shade of the materials you need;


  • Foil surface can be laminated or decorated with some printed image;


  • The possibility of additional surface treatment.


We have got smooth materials, as well as foil that is coated with clear lacquer. In our store you can order all sorts of colored cigarette foil coated with a clear lacquer or embossed.

Фольга для сигарет цвета в ассортименте
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