Rolling paper

STATUS LLC offers a wide range of tobacco leaf, tobacco blends, and supplies necessary for the manufacturing of cigarettes. You can place your order straight away. Contact details can be found on our site, where can also check the prices of rolling paper.

Tobacco leaf

Tobacco leaf is the main component of cigarette production. Manufacturing of cigarettes is a lengthy process which includes several phases. The price of a tobacco blend depends on many indicators.

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Tipping paper 

Tipping paper for cigarettes from STATUS LLC is a high-quality material for your production on any scale. Our company offers the production of tipping paper with the application of your logo and brand!

Filter rods

Despite the fact that cigarette filters were patented back in the 20s of the past century, their advantages were well appreciated; 40 years later it would be used extensively. Filter cigarettes are currently leading in the number of tobacco products. STATUS LLC offers filter rods from the best foreign manufacturers.

Tissue paper

STATUS LLC is a wholesale supplier of high-quality products for cigarette manufacturers. Our catalog contains a wide range of materials for the manufacture of tobacco products, including a wide array of cigarette tissue paper.

Bopp film

BOPP film is a material used in high speed machinery for overwrapping the cigarette production. It improves the quality of tobacco products. Moreover, the use of this material makes it possible to build a clear interaction pattern of all production mechanisms.Tobacco films have a very wide scope of application, they are used not only for cigarette production, but also for an array of other purposes. To choose the right material, it is necessary to carefully study its characteristics and properties.

Tobacco strips

Tobacco strips or stemmed tobacco is a tobacco leaf with the thick stem removed.

The midrib is not suitable for production, it just does not fit into a cigarette, also has no use + a lot of waste. After stemming, the tobacco leaf is processed into strips.

Tobacco blends

In order to make it easier for the consumer to navigate in the varieties of tobacco, it is customary to combine the compositions according to flavor, smell, strength, and burning characteristics into tobacco blends.

Imitation chromo board

We have it in stock for you. Leave your request here and we will select everything you need for your manufacturing process.

Aluminium cigarette packing foil​​​​​​​

STATUS is a reliable and trusted partner for the clients who need consumables and all sorts of goods for tobacco production. We offer raw materials, materials for packaging and for manufacturing cigarettes. We provide exhaustive information about each order, our managers are always ready to give you advice concerning any product. There is also the possibility of a bulk order.